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egobomber is an excentric ex-bluesguitarist who got tired of playing old covers for drunk people in a dark and smokey pubs. so three years ago he put his old strat aside and discovered the world of synthesizers, grooveboxes, computers and other fascinating sound design devices. after finishing sound desingner's course he's been involved in producing music for tv-commercials. He has also created soundscapes for couple of short indie-movies.

Kit List
yamaha 01x
korg microkorg
korg electribe sx
fender strat, fender amp & boss effects
audio-tuned laptop with cubase, yamaha plugins, reason, acid


LAKS 003 PROMO: Egobomber - "Between Times" Promo
LAKS 005: Egobomber - Between Times
LAKS 011: Egobomber - Fall Of Planet Esoteria EP
LAKS 013: Kaupo - Õhtud


Egobomber - Suncruiser X
Egobomber - Baby Prozac - listen
Egobomber - Baby Prozac (Osula Xanax Dub)
Egobomber - Long Way Home
Egobomber - Partially Disabled Soul
Egobomber - Between Times
Egobomber - In Aeternum 2002
Egobomber - Hands
Egobomber - Lifeaholic
Egobomber - Once In A Thousand Years
Egobomber - You Are A Miracle
Egobomber - Untitled
Egobomber - Fall Of Planet Esoteria pt.1
Egobomber - Fall Of Planet Esoteria pt.2
Egobomber - Fall Of Planet Esoteria pt.3
Kaupo - Sohh (Egobomberi katkise raadiokrapi mix)


Interview @ Eesti Ekspress
Egobomber - unabomber